Welcome to TINDAL

Tindal is the first premiere company which design, manufacture and export completely customer-oriented advance and high-tech product. Our products include a wide-range of unique materials ranging from futuristic super material like graphene to daily useable antibacterial wet tissues. Our motto is to deliver the best product at lowest delivery time and lower cost. By introducing new technologies and materials into the world market we want to create new opportunities and by utilizing our creativity and expertise we want you to keep ahead of others. We always focus and envision new and innovative ideas which everybody else has seen but nobody ever think. We understand how to keep up with ever-changing market and our aim is to make you successful with growth and prosperity.

We have expertise team across the worlds that are specialized in wide-varieties to manufacture, assemble or export products that help you to grow faster.

Company Products

Antibacterial wet tissues from Tindal have superior quality to fight against germ, bacteria, dirt when you are at home or outdoor. No need to wash your face/hand while dirty or sweating, just wipe it with Tindal wet tissues and you are ready to go.

Top Quality

Graphene is the super-metal gaining interest worldwide due its highest thermal and electrical conductivity, very high strength (50 times stronger than steel), higher surface area and easy solubility in large varieties of solvents. We produce nanographene (also functionalized) which are dispersed in solvent (customer-specified) without any surfactant. Uses include sensors, solar cells, capcitors, nanocomposites, batteries etc.